Three-axis selective coating machine Model: CY-460T Featured Image

Three-axis selective coating machine Model: CY-460T


1.The equipment adopts industrial computer control, Windows 7 operating system.

2.Driven by servo motor + ball screw, with automatic precision calibration function, which can automatically eliminate errors;

3.The equipment track automatic pressing function, the spraying accuracy is higher, the repeat accuracy is improved, the glue is isolated from contact with the transportation chain, and the maintenance cycle is reduced;

4.It can carry two or more sets of valve bodies at the same time to increase production capacity and realize splicing spraying;

5.Equipped with coating valve automatic soaking and automatic spitting device, which can avoid the clogging of the valve mouth, and the maintenance is convenient and quick;

6.Online track design, which can be connected with other equipment online;

7.Support offline programming and manual teaching programming methods;

8.Configure exhaust gas discharge port

9.Equipped with SMEMA interface to communicate with other devices

10.Optional glue level alarm system

11.Optional CCD visual positioning system

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The Flex Cell is a custom three or four-axis robotic platform for dispensing a wide variety of adhesives, sealants, and conformal coatings. Each Flex Cell is designed to your specific application and with your desired options.

The Flex Cell employs a robust gantry system featuring precision ball screw slides driven by brushless DC servo motors. Every axis of motion features optical encoder feedback for a truly closed-loop process.

The CY-460T has many options and integrated features including:

● Robotic system repeatability of 25 microns

● Patented servo-controlled optional four-axis motion featuring valve tilt and rotate

● Closed loop process control throughout gantry system

● Multiple dispensing applications or materials in one cell

● Onboard PC for unlimited program storage

● Exclusive CY programming environment

Coating values

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JC-200N- Needle atomizing valve

sdrtgf (16)

JC-200V- Thimble dispensing valve

sdrtgf (18)

JC-200B- Fan-shaped atomizing valve

sdrtgf (19)

JC-200M-Conical atomizing valve

Coating results

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Conformal coating solutions

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