Large-size Reflow oven

  • Lead-free reflow soldering CY-A4082

    Lead-free reflow soldering CY-A4082

    1. Heating mode is “upper circulating hot air + lower infrared hot air”. It is equipped with three forced cooling zones.

    2. Upper heating adopts microcirculation heating method, which can achieve large heat-air exchange and has very high heat exchange rate. It can reduce the setting temperature in the temperature zone and protect the heating elements. It is particularly suitable for lead-free welding.

    3. Microcirculation heating mode, vertical air blowing and vertical air collecting can solve the problem of dead angle when using guide rail in reflow soldering.

    4. Microcirculation heating mode, close to the air outlet, can effectively prevent the influence of air flow when PCB board is heated, and achieve the highest repeated heating accuracy