Middle-size Wave soldering machine

  • Lead-free Wave Soldering machine CY-300S

    Lead-free Wave Soldering machine CY-300S

    Body linear design, spray process, beautiful and elegant, durable

    Two separate 1.2m preheating zones, infrared preheating, make the PCB board get good welding results

    The newly invented ultra-stable and ultra-high filter source generator greatly reduces the oscillation of tin flow left inside.Smooth tin wave, large reduction of oxidation, simple maintenance

    Precision modular design of transmission mechanism, accurate transmission, long life and easy maintenance
    Auto switch can be made according to the date, time and temperature control parameters set by the user

    Closed-loop auto-tracking spray system with automatic adjustment of spray width and spray time and setting of advance and delay sprays as needed

    Automatic wave starting through plate, adjustable tin furnace peak width, minimize tin oxidation

  • Lead-free Wave Soldering machine CY-350B/350T

    Lead-free Wave Soldering machine CY-350B/350T

    1. Windows 7 operating system, Chinese and English interface switching, easy to operate

    2. With fault diagnosis function, each fault can be displayed, automatically displayed and stored in the alarm list

    3. The control program can automatically generate and backup various data reports, which is convenient for ISO 9000 management

    4. Automatic board-in connection device, smooth and stable board-in

    5. Special hardened aluminum guide rail, high hardness and strength, to ensure high temperature without deformation

    The stepping motor drives the spray head. For reciprocating spray, the spray area is automatically adjusted with the width and speed of the PCB board;

    The width of the wave crest is adjustable, and the filter can be drawn out without removing the nozzle;

    Disturbance wave crest, guided jet, SMD component soldering is the best.4mmSUS316L Imported stainless steel furnace tank, new furnace design, beautiful appearance

  • DIP Lead-free Wave soldering machine CY-250

    DIP Lead-free Wave soldering machine CY-250

    The linear appearance design of the machine body adopts plastic spraying process beautiful and durable

    A section of independent 0.6m preheating area, infrared preheating, so that PCB board has good welding effect

    The newly invented super-stationary and ultra-high filter wave source generator greatly weakens the occurrence of the tin flow oscillation left in the inner part. The tin wave is stable, the oxidation quantity is greatly reduced and the maintenance is simple