Semi-auto Stencil Printer

  • SMT Screen Printer

    SMT Screen Printer

    1. Using precision guide rail and the import motor to drive the blade seat conversion, printing, and high accuracy.

    2. Printing scraper can rotate 45 degrees fixed up, easy printing stencil and squeegee cleaning and replacement.

    3. Block can be adjusted before and after the blade, to choose the right printing position.

    4. Combined with a fixed groove printing platen and PIN, easy installation and adjustment, for single, double sided printing.

  • 1.2m semi-automatic printing machine

    1.2m semi-automatic printing machine

    Easy and accurate positioning using servo system.

    High-speed guide rail and Delta inverter motor are used to drive the scraper seat to ensure printing accuracy.

    The printing squeegee can be rotated upwards and fixed 45 degrees, which is convenient for cleaning and replacing the printing screen and squeegee.

    The scraper seat can be adjusted back and forth to choose the proper printing position.

    The combined printing platen has a fixed groove and a PIN, which is convenient for installation and adjustment, and is suitable for single and double-sided printing.

    The school version adopts stencil movement and combined with printed X, Y, and Z. Easy and quick calibration.