Desktop conformal coating machine

  • CY Desktop Conformal Coating Machine CY-400A

    CY Desktop Conformal Coating Machine CY-400A

    Applicable glue: Suitable for low-viscosity glue or fluid such as conformal paint

    1.It has functions such as continuous tweening of points, lines, surfaces, arcs, circles, and irregular curves, and realizes 3D non-planar trajectory paths;

    2.It has glue volume and thickness, glue dispensing speed, glue dispensing time, glue closing time, advance The glue-out time can be set by parameters;

    3.It has the function of fast dotting, drawing lines, drawing circles and other irregular operations on the product plane;

    4.It has the functions of area array, translation, rotation and other operations, and can support DXF import programming function;

    5.It has the function of sucking back;

    6.Support dual working platform and dual boot mode;

    7.Driving mode: stepper motor + belt drive;

    8.Dispensing method: spray valve dispensing;

    9.The XYZ axis adopts stepping motors, which can effectively improve the motion positioning accuracy and repeatability;

    10.The modular structure design is convenient for maintenance and maintenance;