Coating machine: three-proof related terms

(1) Life cycle environment profile (LCEP)

LCEP is used to characterize the environment or a combination of environments to which the equipment will be exposed throughout its life cycle. LCEP should include the following:

a. Comprehensive environmental stress encountered from equipment factory acceptance, transportation, storage, use, maintenance to scrapping;

b. The number and frequency of relative and absolute limit occurrences of environmental conditions in each life cycle stage.

c.LCEP is information that equipment manufacturers should know before designing, including:

Geography of use or deployment;

Equipment needs to be installed, stored or transported on a platform;

Regarding the application status of the same or similar equipment under the environmental conditions of this platform.

LCEP should be formulated by the equipment manufacturer’s three-proof experts. It is the main basis for the equipment’s three-proof design and environmental test tailoring. It provides the basis for the design of the performance and survivability of the equipment to be developed in real environments. It is a dynamic document and should be revised and updated regularly as new information becomes available. LCEP should appear in the environmental requirements section of the equipment’s design specifications.

(2) Platform environment

The environmental conditions to which equipment is subjected as a result of being attached to or mounted on a platform. The platform environment is the result of the effects induced or forced by the platform and any environmental control systems.

(3) Induced environment

It mainly refers to a certain local environmental condition caused by man-made or equipment, and also refers to any internal conditions caused by the combined influence of natural environmental forcing and the physical and chemical characteristics of equipment.

(4) Environmental adaptability

The ability of electronic equipment, complete machines, extensions, components, and materials to perform their functions in the expected environment.

Post time: Oct-08-2023