Coating machine-conformal anti-paint coating machine-selective coating machine features


1. Adopt computer + motion controller, WINDOWS XP operating system, fault sound and light alarm and menu display.

2. Programming uses CAD maps or manual teaching, and the operation is simple and fast.

3. Integral steel motion platform ensures smooth operation.

4. X, Y, Z three-axis motion.

5. Driven by servo motor + electric cylinder.

6. Selective coating machine.

7. The operating accuracy is 0.02mm, which can automatically eliminate errors.

8. Equipped with 2 glue valves.

9. Automatic cleaning device for rubber valve.

10. Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain.

11. Independent paint container bucket.

12. Equipped with exhaust gas collection and emission devices.

13. Equipped with SMEMA interface to communicate with other devices.

Post time: Oct-16-2023