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Lead-free Wave Soldering machine CY-350B/350T


1. Windows 7 operating system, Chinese and English interface switching, easy to operate

2. With fault diagnosis function, each fault can be displayed, automatically displayed and stored in the alarm list

3. The control program can automatically generate and backup various data reports, which is convenient for ISO 9000 management

4. Automatic board-in connection device, smooth and stable board-in

5. Special hardened aluminum guide rail, high hardness and strength, to ensure high temperature without deformation

The stepping motor drives the spray head. For reciprocating spray, the spray area is automatically adjusted with the width and speed of the PCB board;

The width of the wave crest is adjustable, and the filter can be drawn out without removing the nozzle;

Disturbance wave crest, guided jet, SMD component soldering is the best.4mmSUS316L Imported stainless steel furnace tank, new furnace design, beautiful appearance

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6. The board is automatically waved, and the width of the tin furnace wave peak can be adjusted to minimize the amount of tin oxidation

7. 1800mm extended type three (four) stage preheating, infrared (hot air) independent PID temperature control, Even heating, safe and stable

◆ With Lumina (Japan) nozzle, the spray range is20-65mm, the nozzle height is 50-80mm, and the maximum flow rate is 60ml/min.

◆ Uses AirTAC (Taiwan) filter, pointer gauge shows air pressure, all spray system pipes are acid and alkali resistant corrosion protection pipes.

◆ Spraying system adopts scanning spraying method, limit switch and entry eyesight are combined to control, and PCB is automatically detected by inductive spraying according to the speed and width of PCB, so that the wetting range of flux can achieve the best effect. Inlet spray head and stepping motor are efficient, stable and reliable.

◆ Stainless steel bent forming tray is used underneath the spray head for loading wastewater and flux, which can be extracted and cleaned at will.

◆ The air extraction system is a superimposed automatic recovery system with three layers of stainless steel wire mesh filtration to minimize residual flux blockage in the air extraction pipeline by utilizing the fluid characteristics to filter excess flux.

◆ Pneumatic air knife, which blows excess flux during spraying into the recovery tank to prevent flux from entering the preheating zone and ensure production safety.

◆ All stainless steel + aluminium alloy support, easy cleaning and maintenance, strong corrosion resistance, durable.

Welding System

Wind (1)
Wind (6)
Wind (7)

1. 4mm SUS316L Imported stainless steel furnace liner, new design of furnace liner, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, cast iron heating plate, furnace liner is not deformed

2. Disturbance wave crest, guided jet, the best soldering of SMD components, the wave crest is as smooth as a mirror

3. The width of the wave peak is adjustable to minimize the amount of tin oxidation, and the filter can be drawn out without disassembling the nozzle

4. Increase the anti-oxidation cover at the position of the impeller shaft to reduce the amount of tin oxidation caused by the rotation of the impeller shaft

5. The impeller shaft and wave motor can be disassembled separately without disassembling the tin channel (other brands of wave soldering cannot do this design)

Transport System

Wind (8)
Wind (9)
Wind (10)

Pure aluminum material automatic feeding and connecting device, smooth and stable feeding, great adjustability

The guide rail has its own tilt angle device, which can accurately monitor the tilt angle and control the quality of the board

Titanium alloy claw hooks ensure that the tin will never be stained, and the three-stage fixed guide rails ensure that the guide rails will never be flared, which effectively prevents the guide rails from falling off and jamming.

◆The 4mm copper bead makes the transportation process smooth and stable. (Most other brands use stainless steel layering, which cannot guarantee the smooth transportation for a long time.)

The simplified operating system is convenient for employees to operate, and the PC+PLC control system makes the temperature control accuracy more accurate and stable

The electrical materials are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and the original Siemens PLC ensures that the system is safer and more stable

Temperature control adopts self-tuning PID control algorithm, no need to manually set PID parameters, high control accuracy

Technical parameters

Model CY-350B/T CY-450B/T
Heating area number Stepping motor or rodless cylinder
Number of cooling zone 6 LITRES
Air pressure of flux 3-5BAR
Preheating Mode Mild hot air/infrared
Preheating Zone Number 4 section
Preheating Lenghth 1800mm
Warm-up Time Approx.15min
PCB maximum width 350mm 450mm
Guide the wide range 50-350mm 50-450mm
Conveyor Speed 0-2000mm/min
Conveyor Height 750±20mm
Transport direction L→R(R→L)
Transmission way 4-7°
Solder temperature 9KW(Room temperature-300℃)
Solder capacity 400Kg 500Kg
Control method Brand Computer(Windowsoperating system)+Siemens PLC
Conveyor speed 3∮ AC380V 90W,Brand: Tai Chuang
Wave motor 3∮ AC220V 360W*2pcs,Brand: Tai Chuang
Finger cleaning pump 1P AC220V 10W
Fingers Special titanium alloy double groove claw
Cooling system Forced air cooling
The power supply 5-wire 3-phase 380V 50/60Hz
Start the power 38Kw
Normal operating power Approx10Kw
Temperature control mode Full computer PID closed loop control, SSR drive
Abnormal alarm Abnormal temperature (super high or super low after constant temperature)
Three color light Three-color signal light: yellow-heating; green-constant temperature; red-abnormal
Weight Approx.1800Kg Approx.2000Kg
Installationdimension(mm) L4300×W1530×H1700mm
Exhaust air requirements 10 cube /min 2 aisle∮200mm