SMT PCBA automatic Lifter SJJ-450 Featured Image

SMT PCBA automatic Lifter SJJ-450


1. It is made of high-grade aluminum profile sealed galvanized sheet, which is strong and durable;

2. The sheet metal is finished by electrostatic powder spraying process, which is beautiful and easy to clean;

3. The weighted design improves the stability;

4. PLC control, reliable and stable function;

5. Smooth and parallel width adjustment (stainless steel screw rod);

6. Variable speed control;

7. Compatible SMEMA interface.

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Overall dimension L600*W1105*H1000mm
PCB width 50*450mm
Transport height Up:900±20mm,Down:400±20mm
Lifting height 500mm
Power AC220V/50-60HZ
Conveying speed 0-3 m/min
Frame material 40 * 40 aluminum profile splicing
Standard signal SMEMA interface, which can be directly connected with other equipment
Working pressure ≥0.4MP
PCB bearing Single board:1-5kg
Element height Up:100mm.Down:100mm
Transmission direction R L→R or R-L