Wave Soldering Short Circuit Causes and Adjustment Methods

Wave soldering tin connection short circuit is a common problem in the production of electronic product plug-in wave soldering, and it is also a common problem of wave soldering failure, mainly because there are many reasons for wave soldering tin connection. If you want to adjust wave soldering to reduce tin connection, you must Find out the cause of the wave solder connection and deal with it
Wave soldering production line

1. The flux activity is not enough; 2. The wettability of the flux is not enough; 3. The amount of the flux coating is too small; 4. The flux coating is uneven; 5. The circuit board cannot be coated with the flux regionally; 6. The circuit board is not tinned regionally; 7. Some pads or solder feet are seriously oxidized; 8. The wiring of the circuit board is unreasonable (the distribution of the components is unreasonable); 9. The direction of the board is not correct; 10. The tin content is not enough, or The copper exceeds the standard; [the melting point (liquidus line) of the tin liquid is increased due to the excessive impurities]; 11. The foaming tube is blocked and the foaming is uneven, resulting in uneven coating of the flux on the circuit board; 12. The setting of the air knife is unreasonable (The flux is not evenly blown); 13. The board speed and preheating are not well matched; 14. The operation method is improper when dipping tin by hand; 15. The chain inclination is unreasonable; 16. The wave crest is uneven.

Wave soldering tin short circuit adjustment method

1. If the flux is not enough or not uniform enough, increase the flow;
2. Speed ​​up the speed of Lianxi and enlarge the angle of the track;
3. Don’t use 1 wave, use 2 waves of a single wave, the height of the tin does not have to be 1/2, it can just touch the bottom of the board. If you have a tray, then the tin side should be on the highest side of the tray hollow;
4. Whether the board is deformed;
5. If the 2-wave single hit is not good, use 1 wave to rush, and the 2-wave hits low enough to touch the pin, so that the shape of the solder joint can be repaired, and it will come out just fine;

For the above reasons, you can also check whether the wave soldering machine has the following problems that cause the short circuit of the wave soldering tin:

The first peak height distance;
The second chain speed is appropriate;
The third wave soldering temperature;
Fourth, whether the amount of tin in the tin furnace is sufficient;
The fifth wave crest out of tin is symmetrical.

Post time: Aug-15-2022